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Though no get-togethers were held in 2001and 2002, some of the Bijharis in a smaller group started meeting alongwith their families. Many such meetings took place at the house of Serbjeet and Nisha Prasad in Choa Chu Kang and in one such meeting in mid April 2003 BIJHAR was conceived. The IT savvy Sanjeev Kumar Roy and also the first President of BIJHAR set up a yahoogroup and BIJHAR membership started growing.


Our Society in Singapore

The 2nd get-together followed soon at the residence of Abhayjit Sinha and Satyasheel Kumar near AlJuneid MRTand was attended by an equal number. About 20 of Bijharis met again at Ganga restaurant in Little India with plans to spread the Bijhari network and rope in more. However, little progress could be made in the next two years.


Get Us

At present, there are over 200 members in BiJhar list – majority of the members are working in the industries such as IT, finance, banking, oil and gas etc. Since 2003, the BiJharis have collectively celebrated the major annual functions such as Makar Sankranti, Holi and Deepavali and have also participated in a number of indoor and outdoor get-togethers.



Who we are


We promote social, cultural, educational, recreational and welfare activities as well as hold celebrations for BiJhar people in Singapore.


    We promote social, cultural, educational, recreational and welfare activities as well as hold celebrations for BiJhar people in Singapore


    We promote intercultural understanding between the BiJhar community and Singaporeans.

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BiJhar Singapore

BiJhar Community

An entity like BiJhar was in the minds of the founders for sometime who upto a point remained contented by bumping into an odd Bihari or Jharkhandi in a restaurant or a bus. They were struggling to get hold of a critical mass which happened on an evening at the home of Shri Sanjay Singh. The list of Biharis in Singapore available at Bihar Times came handy and soon an enthusiastic bunch of people started to look for a more organized forum. The first Bijhari get-together was held in mid 2000 at Boat Quay Tandoor in the city centre. The occasion was the birthday celebration of one of the members Manoj Bhandari ( who later relocated to USA). This get-together was attended by about 25 people and was quite successful considering the fact it was the first such meeting of Biharis in Singapore to our knowledge.

Bijhar 2023

We’re Trusted by 200+

BIJHAR is a result of the dreams envisioned since late 90s by its founders who have made Singapore their karmabhoomi.



Our community is a vibrant and close-knit group of individuals hailing from Bijar and Jharkhand, two culturally rich regions in India. We have come together in the heart of Singapore to celebrate our shared heritage, forge lasting friendships, and support each other in our journey abroad.