About Us

Our Story

BiJhar is a result of the dreams envisioned since late 90s by its founders who have made Singapore their karmabhoomi. Over the years it has evolved as an informal cultural group of people who in some way or the other have been associated with the Indian states of Bihar (BI) and Jharkhand (JHAR) and for the majority of them they happen to be their janmbhoomis. Although BiJhar is inextricably woven around Bihar and Jharkhand, it does not in any way limit its scope and spectrum. BiJharis for everyone and BIJHARIs are great believers in the concept of vasudhaiva kutumubkam (the whole world is one great family). Our community is dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and sharing the vibrant traditions, heritage, and values of Bihar and Jharkhand with the world.


We envision a close-knit community where meaningful connections are formed. We are a source of support, friendship, and opportunities for individuals who share our cultural roots. We are guardian of traditions, art, and customs that flourish and continue to inspire generations.

Advisory Team

D C Jha

Prakash k Hetamsaria

Sourabh Mani

Executive Members